¡Eres amado! // You are loved!

¿Sabes que eres amado y que hay alguien que está pensando en ti constantemente? ¿Ha habido duda de esto en tu mente? Hoy quiero animarte a empezar tu día leyendo la palabra de Dios. La Biblia nos recuerda que Él nos ama con un amor incondicional. ¡Sí, Él te ama a ti! Dios te creó ‘maravillosamente’, como dice el Salmo 139:14. No hay nada que pueda separarte del amor de nuestro Creador (Romanos 8:35). Nadie te puede quitar tu identidad. ¡Eres es la obra maestra de Dios! ¡Créelo!


Do you know you are loved and that there is someone that is constantly thinking of  you? Has there ever been a doubt of that in your mind? Today I want to encourage you to start your day reading the word of God. The Bible reminds us that He loves us unconditionally. Yes, He loves YOU! When God created you, He had every detail of you in mind and made sure you were wonderfully made as it says it in Psalm 139:14. Remember there is nothing that can separate you from the love of your Creator (Romans 8:35). You have an identity that no one can steal. You are God’s masterpiece! Don’t allow anyone to tell you differently. Believe it!